Welcome to the AI 101 website

AI 101 is an AI Salon guild. This website hosts useful resources for our community. Your host is Peter Kaminski.

Discussion Space

Our main discussion space is in Learn and Do with Peter guild on the AI Salon community site. Free AI Salon registration is required to participate.


Click the topic name to go to an index page for that topic.

  • AI 101 Building Blocks - where to start from the ground up
  • Midjourney - a very good image generator
  • Obsidian+Git - useful for GPT makers and ChatGPT users
  • Jankifiers - web pages that can "jankify" text, such as prompts for AI (aka how to write small interactive apps, no programming experience needed!)
  • API - an API is used by computer systems to exchange data and perform operations, and can be used by GPTs
  • Python - a popular programming language (sometimes knowing a little about it is helpful for AI stuff)
  • Upcoming Topics - topics that don't have their own pages yet
  • Resources - other highly useful learning materials

Live Session Recordings

Pete hosts live AI 101 videoconferences. Check the "Events" tab in Peter's AI 101 discussion space for upcoming events.

The sessions listed below have pages on this website with a link to the recording, and any chats, summaries, or downloadable files.

Click on the name of a session to go to that session's web page.

There is also a hand-maintained list of Live Session Notes.

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YouTube Playlist

The videos are also listed on YouTube in an AI 101 YouTube Playlist if that is convenient for you.

Helping Maintain This Website

You can help maintain this website! Send Pete your GitHub account handle (or ask him how to set one up): Contact Peter Kaminski.

Then the typical tools to use are:

  • Command line on your computer (Terminal on Mac, Command Prompt or PowerShell on Windows)
  • Git
  • Obsidian
  • Git plugin for Obsidian
  • gh, then gh auth login

Those are listed in rough order of setup/install. Once set up, most of the work is handled within Obsidian.

We'll have more comprehensive setup instructions on this website soon.

Other Resources

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