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Why AI 101 Teaches So Much Basic Computer Stuff

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Computational Thinking

Not just for software developers!

Using the Command Line

  • Windows: PowerShell (or a little more advanced, Windows Subsystem for Linux 2)
  • Mac: Terminal (built-in) or iTerm2 (open source and free)

Package Managers

  • Windows: Chocolatey (or sometimes winget)
  • Mac: Homebrew

Installing Git

Pete's Preferred Tools

  • bias towards low-cost or free or open source tools
  • bias towards tools that provide functionality for multiple things
  • bias towards tools that work together well
  • so, files, plain text, Markdown for formatted text
  • Text/Markdown knowledgebase: Obsidian
  • Static website publishing: Massive Wiki Builder + Netlify
  • Dedicated markdown editor: Typora
  • Version Control: git
  • Diagrams: draw.io

Personal Knowledge Managers

  • Obsidian, Logseq, Notion, Coda, Roam, etc.
  • OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes
  • Scrivener (older software for writers), Evernote (older PKM)


  • Getting started with Obsidian: search youtube for "obsidian beginner", and "obsidian (other tool)" where "other tool" is one or more of the above
  • Obsidian Iceberg (Eleanor Konik) - https://www.eleanorkonik.com/

Upscaling Images

  • your image generator's native upscaling
  • Topaz Photo AI
  • Upscayl (h/t user "Digital Gods" on AI Salon)

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