Learn and Do with Peter, 2024-03-29

Recorded live AI Salon / Learn and Do with Peter session on AI topics.

In this episode, we covered Jankifiers.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaRZ5f3GDOM

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AI Summary (hopefully useful, may be inaccurate)

Quick Recap

The team discussed the use of AI tools for image generation and the concept of 'jankifiers' in web programming, with Pete guiding Daniele through various technical processes and applications. They also emphasized the importance of online safety and secure web browsing, and addressed some technical difficulties and feedback on the discussions. Lastly, they explored the use of different tools for image generation, discussed personal computer usage, and celebrated birthdays.


AI Companion Image Generation Techniques

Pete and Daniele discussed the functionality and techniques of utilizing the AI companion, specifically focusing on its image generation capabilities. Pete shared his methods of combining style and content prompts with the use of 'jankifiers' to create unique images. They explored the potential challenges and solutions for adjusting display settings for optimal results. Daniele expressed her appreciation for Pete's guidance and demonstrated a newfound understanding of the concept of 'jankifiers'. Both agreed to further explore this technique in future sessions, with Daniele expressing her desire to master it.

Improving Web Design and Functionality

Pete discussed the need for improvement in the design and functionality of web pages he had built or supervised. He suggested using developer tools to rectify UI bugs and encouraged the team to experiment with 'jankifying', a concept involving the creation of unique tools. Pete also promised to delve deeper into this topic in future discussions and to cover 'jankifiers' again in the next meeting. The team also celebrated Daniele's birthday and wished Vikki a happy birthday.

Discussing 'Jankifiers' and Web Programming

Pete, Vikki, and Daniele discussed the concept of 'jankifiers', which Pete described as small, reasonable web pages. They clarified that these were not web pages but tools or processes on a web page, and even could be simple HTML files. Pete emphasized the importance of caution when navigating unfamiliar web pages but encouraged exploring beyond established boundaries. He also shared his personal experience with web programming in the '90s due to its novelty, and discussed the evolution of web programming.

Pete's HTML, JavaScript, and Text Manipulation

Pete discussed the creation of an HTML and JavaScript file that reverses input text and copies the reversed text to the clipboard upon button press. He shared his intention to enhance his coding efficiency by writing a single combined file, rather than two separate ones. He also demonstrated how to manipulate text files using a Mac, including copying and pasting text between applications, changing file extensions, and editing text files. He emphasized the importance of verifying the safety and trustworthiness of online content and shared his experience with using Jankifiers. He also encountered some technical difficulties with his mouse and had to reboot Finder. Lastly, he showed how to create a new version of a text file.

Online Safety, Lock Icon, and GitHub Repository

Pete emphasized the importance of online safety and secure web browsing, focusing on the significance of the lock icon and 'https' prefix. He also advised the team on the "what have I got to lose?" principle, urging caution when sharing personal information online. Furthermore, he checked with the team to ensure their understanding and confirmed that all data is version-controlled in a GitHub repository on the website, although Daniele expressed some confusion about this setup.

Reducing Confusion and Resolving Technical Issues

Daniele expressed difficulty in understanding the discussion, which was acknowledged by Pete as a challenging concept. However, Daniele clarified her intent was not to criticize but to share her confusion, which Pete appreciated as valuable feedback. They agreed to work collaboratively to improve Daniele's understanding, with Pete guiding Daniele through a process on his screen. They also tackled various technical issues, including screen sharing and running prompts. Additionally, they discussed personal computers, images, and a technical issue regarding code syntax coloring. Daniele's preference for using Google Docs for note editing was also revealed.

Navigating Ancient Utility on Mac

Pete assisted Daniele in navigating an ancient utility on Mac, specifically its text edit feature. There was some confusion about the location of the menu bar, which was clarified when Daniele shared her screen. The team discovered that Daniele is proficient in this type of software, and her menu bar disappears due to Apple's design. Pete guided Daniele through the process of formatting and saving text as a plain file, including changing the format to plain text, copying the text, and saving it with a specific name. They also discussed the importance of using a .txt file extension and the Mac operating system's departure from the 'save as' feature.

Guided File Renaming and iCloud Usage

Daniele and Pete guided the team through the process of finding and renaming a file on their computers. They encountered some issues with the visibility of certain files due to differences in their computer settings, but eventually managed to change the file name to "reverse_text.html". The team also discussed the use of iCloud for file storage and sharing, with Pete explaining how it can automatically create a folder for text documents. Towards the end, they opened the newly renamed file as a webpage to ensure it was safe, confirming that it was indeed safe for use.

Image Generation Tool and Recommendations

Pete demonstrated an image generation tool by typing prompts and reversing text. Daniele expressed appreciation for the gold-flecked details in the generated images. They discussed using other tools like Stable Diffusion for similar tasks, with Pete recommending DrawThings for stable diffusion on Mac or Windows. Pete encouraged Daniele to experiment with different prompts and styles, highlighting the unexpected results they encountered during testing.

New Tool and Custom Prompts Discussion

Pete introduced a new tool based on Dali and explained to Daniele how to create custom prompts for image generation. He also showed her how to obtain and manage an API key for the tool. Daniele seemed to understand the process and requested an API key herself. Meanwhile, Paul shared his creative approach of combining Wikipedia ideas with letter scrambling. The conversation ended with birthday wishes to Daniele.