Welcome to the AI 101 website

AI 101 is an AI Salon guild. This website hosts useful resources for our community. Your host is Peter Kaminski.

Discussion Space

Our main discussion space is in Peter's AI 101 guild on the AI Salon community site. Free AI Salon registration is required.

Videoconference Recordings

Pete hosts live AI 101 videoconferences. Check the "Events" tab in Peter's AI 101 discussion space for upcoming events.

The sessions listed below have pages on this website with a link to the recording, and any chats, summaries, or downloadable files.


  • Midjourney - a very good image generator
  • Obsidian+Git - useful for GPT makers and ChatGPT users
  • API - an API is used by computer systems to exchange data and perform operations, and can be used by GPTs
  • Python - a popular programming language (sometimes knowing a little about it is helpful for AI stuff)
  • Upcoming Topics - topics that don't have their own pages yet

Other Resources

Pages that link to this page