AI 101 Open Session, 2024-01-23


Recorded live AI Salon / AI 101 session on AI topics.

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AI Summary (hopefully useful, may be inaccurate)

Quick Recap

The meeting discussed tools for note-taking, agenda tracking, and AI-assisted tasks such as writing a book. Pete Kaminski shared his experiences with various tools, emphasizing the importance of personal data privacy. The idea of installing a tool like MemGPT was proposed to assist with complex tasks, and the concept of an automated resume writing tool was positively received. The creation of a new company, Path Shift People, and the potential use of AI to enhance their current system, Mighty Networks, was also discussed.


Note-Tracking and AI Tools Discussion

Pete Kaminski demonstrated a tool he uses for taking notes and tracking agendas during meetings. He explained the functionality of the tool, including the ability to convert text into check boxes for easier tracking. The discussion then transitioned to the topic of using AI tools to assist with complex tasks such as writing a book or tracking characters, as well as managing personal data. R J suggested a future meeting to discuss installing a tool like MemGPT, which could potentially help with these tasks.

Data Privacy and Resume Automation Proposal

R J discussed the privacy of data on personal machines and the potential for future discussions on related topics. Pete Kaminski shared his experiences with various tools, including Mistral Mixtroll and LLM, and suggested the use of Obsidian for tracking conversations and large amounts of data. A new topic was proposed by R J regarding the automated writing of resumes tailored to job listings, which was positively received by Pete and Amanda Clark, who agreed that such a tool could be beneficial and save time.

Website Notes, Recordings, and Tutorials

Pete Kaminski discussed the use of his personal website, PeterKaminski.Wiki, to store notes, recordings, and summaries from AI one-on-one sessions. He highlighted that the recordings and summaries are generated by Zoom, but may contain errors. Pete also mentioned the creation of a new company, Path Shift, which will produce tutorials and offer subscriptions to newsletters. R J suggested the idea of adding a resources page to Pete's website, as Pete is a Wiki user, similar to the one RJ had created for another group.

Wiki and AI Enhancements for Mighty Networks

RJ proposed using a wiki approach to enhance the capabilities of their current system, Mighty Networks. Pete Kaminski agreed with this suggestion and suggested converting RJ's site into a massive wiki, which can be done for free. R J also suggested incorporating AI to assist in search functionality. Pete then discussed the use of Obsidian, a free tool for managing websites, and suggested integrating it with GPT. Lastly, Amanda Clark expressed confusion while exploring different plugins and sought clarification on their functionality. Pete attempted to explain the concept using a drawing program.

Plugin, API, GPT, Knowledge Source Discussion

Pete and Amanda Clark discussed the distinctions between various terminologies such as plugins, APIs, GPTs, and knowledge sources. Pete expressed skepticism about the utility of plugins and proposed focusing on other areas unless a specific plugin is highly recommended. Amanda Clark acknowledged the pace of change and expressed interest in learning about best practices and approaches. Pete also discussed the hype surrounding the Gpt store and its usefulness, highlighting that while it can be beneficial, it may not always be meaningful or helpful. Later in the discussion, Pete touched upon GPTs, which he described as user-generated tools, unlike plugins which require a big company. Amanda Clark expressed interest in learning more about GPTs.

Exploring AI Tools for Tasks and Job Search

Pete Kaminski shared his experience and benefits of using AI tools like Chat Gpt and OpenAI's GPT for tasks such as writing cover letters and creating mid-journey prompts. He mentioned the ability to customize these tools to specific needs and the possibility of sharing these customized GPTs. Pete also discussed the use of AI in job search, highlighting its ability to help job seekers tailor their applications. He demonstrated the process of creating a GPT within the GPT ecosystem, emphasizing its speed and user-friendly interface. Lastly, he mentioned the use of AI for creating profile pictures but encountered some technical issues during the process.

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