AI 101 Live Session, 2024-02-01


Recorded live AI Salon / AI 101 session on AI topics.

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AI Summary (hopefully useful, may be inaccurate)

Quick Recap

Pete Kaminski led a discussion on AI tools and their applications. He emphasized the importance of simple instructions for starting with AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E. Towards the end, he proposed the idea of adding a chat feature and using a system called Massive Wiki for building and hosting websites.


AI Tools and Image Editing Discussion

Pete Kaminski led a discussion about the AI 101 session and the importance of simple instructions for starting with AI tools like Chat Gpt and Dolly. He also touched on local language models and the possibility of local image generation. Pete shared his experience with Mid Journey, emphasizing its unique photographic style and realism. He offered tips for experimenting with the tool. The discussion also covered the use of AI tools such as Canva and Photoshop for image editing, with a focus on adding text or visual elements. Pete demonstrated a Mac tool called Clean Shot for capturing screenshots with added text. Jeannie Bell expressed interest in using text on images but was concerned about identifying images she downloaded as her own. Pete suggested storing downloaded images in separate folders and adding the user's name at the beginning of the file name to avoid confusion.

Chat GPT and AI Image Processing Discussion

Pete Kaminski discussed the functionality of a bot named Mid Journey and shared his personal experiences with AI technology, specifically the abilities of Chat GPT and Google Docs' OCR capabilities. He emphasized the importance of practice in using Chat GPT for various tasks, including brainstorming and motivation. Pete also suggested asking silly questions to keep the interaction light-hearted. Julia Jack inquired about Chat GPT's ability to digitize handwritten notes, to which Pete suggested using Google Docs for better results. The discussion concluded with Pete recommending Julia Jack to try using Chat GPT for digitizing notes. Pete also shared his personal experience of using AI to process images and highlighted the potential overwhelming of Google due to increased image usage. He concluded by promising to provide a more detailed answer to a question in the future.

AI Surveillance Concerns and Network Errors

They also touched upon the use of these systems in surveillance, such as in schools and stores, to monitor behavior and shopping patterns. Concerns were raised about potential biases in these systems and the possibility of prejudice in automated interpretations. Pete demonstrated a network error and showed an example of how AI might interpret a person's emotions. Towards the end, Pete mentioned a slow day and decided to hit the regenerate button.

Website Usage, Chat Feature, and Mid-Journey System Styles

Pete Kaminski discussed the idea of adding information on website usage and a chat feature, and shared updates on the Discord server. Julia Jack raised a question about finding consistent styles within the mid-journey system, to which Pete responded that he was still figuring out where to post updates. R J mentioned the lack of information on using Pi AI and suggested starting conversations by identifying oneself as a non-user. Pete also discussed the development of a website that functions as an encyclopedia or documentation resource, linking to previously posted content and archiving information. R J emphasized the importance of guiding the conversation's direction to avoid it taking control.

AI 101 Guild Teaching Sessions and Organization Improvement Proposal

Pete Kaminski proposed the idea of having more teaching sessions in the AI 101 guild, with everyone sharing their knowledge. He mentioned that Rj could talk about pi. Jeannie Bell shared her work with DID agents and Capcut, and Pete acknowledged the importance of these tools. Pete also discussed the idea of improving the organization of their calls, possibly by using AI tools to generate summaries and organize the content. He suggested that these summaries could be used to create chapters on YouTube. He also invited help with this task, emphasizing that it would be beneficial for both the assistants and himself.

Massive Wiki for Website Building and Continuous Integration

Pete Kaminski discussed the use of a system called Massive Wiki for building and hosting websites. He explained that this system allows users to edit pages on their local computer and then sync the changes to the website. He demonstrated how to add links to a page about 'mid journey' and discussed the concept of 'continuous integration' in web development. He also mentioned that this website is not part of AI Salon and suggested the possibility of using other tools like Notion in the future.

Obsidian Multi-Toolkit and Writing Efficiency

Pete Kaminski discussed the multi-purpose toolkit, particularly the tool obsidian, which he uses for various tasks such as website creation, managing a personal knowledge base, tracking chat conversations, writing a book, and keeping track of household belongings. He explained that while Obsidian is a simpler and easier-to-use alternative to Scrivener, the latter is still favored by professional writers for managing large amounts of information when writing a book. Pete demonstrated the versatility of Obsidian by showing how he uses it in conjunction with a version control tool to keep track of different versions of documents. He also mentioned a free plugin that uses an open API key to generate text based on user inputs. Pete expressed his interest in teaching others about these tools and suggested hosting a series of sessions to delve deeper into their applications. The next meeting was set for the upcoming Saturday.